Informatiivne artikkel Katoliku Kiriku olukorrast Euroopas

Ajakirjas The Economist on informatiivne artikkel Katoliku Kiriku olukorrast erinevates Euroopa riikides ja Euroopas üldiselt. Toon siin kohal ära vaid ühe lõigu, tervet artiklit saab lugeda siit.

On closer inspection French Catholicism is not dead, but it is splintering to the point where the centre barely holds. The brightest flickers are on the fringes: individuals like Abbé Pierre, founder of the Emmaus movement for the homeless; “charismatics” whose style draws on Pentecostalism, and traditionalists who love Latin rites and processions. Meanwhile, the church’s relatively liberal mainstream is almost in free fall. As conservatives like Abbé Francis see it, it is largely the liberals’ own fault: “They keep selling and closing properties, while we [traditionalists] are busy building and restoring.”

Ajaga kaasas käia üritav katoliiklus hääbub aja möödudes. Alles jääb väike, aga tugev Kirik, mis on jäänud kindlaks usule selle terviklikkuses, tegemata maailmaga kompromisse.

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